Sterling Witt Museum
Sterling's Lovely Ladies exhibition was a spectacular event. Paintings came down off the wall and literally joined the party. 
Elise, Kate, & Ellen
Ellen Kirk - Young Woman
Kate Haugan - Woman with Bouquet
Elise Poehling - A Serious Woman
Celia Albon's beautiful harp and the enormous masterpiece:  Woman with Bouquet.
Where's my bouquet?
Peek A Boo!
Sterling and his living works of art
Celia Albon and her magnificent harp
Lovely ladies everywhere!
Three Ladies in Blue
Betsy Barrett's delicious: Nipples of Venus
The merchandise booth overflowing with unique curiosities 
Christopher Oppenhuis tending the bar
Untitled Girl - in the courtyard
Portrait of a Woman
Flower Girl - In the courtyard
Beautiful Lady in Orange
Blue-Eyed Lady with Flowers
The Lovely ​Celia Albon making beautiful sounds
Come on in!
Lovely Lady 
Young Lady with Flower Dress
No exhibit is complete without a bubble machine on the rooftop
A couple Wild Women made an appearance: Charlotte and Rachel
                                          Check out the new paintings in the Ladies archive:
We are proud to present the new Spiritual Revolution dance/music video collaboration with New York City dance company Chocolate Dances.
Inspired by Sterling Witt's watercolor painting series Wild Women. The Wild Women paintings have literally come to life!