You are invited to Discover the Darker Side of Sterling Witt. October 7th, at the Art Farm Festival way out in the boonies of the rural countryside of Missouri 45 minutes south of Kansas City. Sterling is revealing stories and illustrations from his up coming book: Something's Awry - Ting Tong & Other Terrifying Tales. A collection of twisted tales intended for ages 9 and up. Bone-chilling, Spine-tingling, Eyebrow-raising are just a few phrases that come to mind. Do you know what at Ting Tong is? How bout a Yara-ma-yha-who? Hear it straight from the horse's mouth during Sterling Witt's exclusive reading of hand-selected stories from Something's Awry to read to you under the moonlight October 7th at the Art Farm. 

For details & location RSVP to To attend you must include the password: Werewolf with your RSVP. 

What on earth is this?
It's an Art Exhibit, a Book Reading, and Live Music Show showcasing the art, stories and music of Sterling Witt. It all happens at the enchanted kingdom people call the Art Farm. A five acre property that has been sculpted and remodeled by Sterling himself. It is an experience to say the least. 

The only way to attend is to RSVP, send a message to request the details about October 7th and remember the password: Werewolf

Art Farm traditions, It's a Potluck all night hangout event with many entertaining surprises. The evening finale will be an enormous bonfire. Downright giant. So big you could probably see it from space. Potluck means bring some food or drink to share and we will have a Fine Feast. People start arriving at 6pm. You're welcome to pitch a tent, camp out and stay the night. Sterling will cook breakfast in the morning. It will be a spectacular event and you are invited. 

You may also invite some of your friends. Please choose wisely. Thank you.

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Sterling's Lovely Ladies exhibition was a spectacular event. Paintings came down off the wall and literally joined the party. 
Elise, Kate, & Ellen
Ellen Kirk - Young Woman
Kate Haugan - Woman with Bouquet
Elise Poehling - A Serious Woman
Celia Albon's beautiful harp and the enormous masterpiece:  Woman with Bouquet.
Where's my bouquet?
Peek A Boo!
Sterling and his living works of art
Celia Albon and her magnificent harp
Lovely ladies everywhere!
Three Ladies in Blue
Betsy Barrett's delicious: Nipples of Venus
The merchandise booth overflowing with unique curiosities 
Christopher Oppenhuis tending the bar
Untitled Girl - in the courtyard
Portrait of a Woman
Flower Girl - In the courtyard
Beautiful Lady in Orange
Blue-Eyed Lady with Flowers
The Lovely ​Celia Albon making beautiful sounds
Come on in!
Young Lady with Flower Dress
No exhibit is complete without a bubble machine on the rooftop
A couple Wild Women made an appearance: Charlotte and Rachel
                                          Check out the new paintings in the Ladies archive:
We are proud to present the new Spiritual Revolution dance/music video collaboration with New York City dance company Chocolate Dances.
Inspired by Sterling Witt's watercolor painting series Wild Women. The Wild Women paintings have literally come to life!